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Registration Terms

Terms and conditions of registration on the site " Russian club of aquarists»

 Please read these Terms and conditions carefully. Using the Russian aquarium club website means that the User agrees to the terms and conditions set out below.

 1. General terms of use of information provided on the website " Russian aquarium club»

1.1. This site provides information for free. The site administration has made every effort to ensure that the information is correct at the time of entering it on this site.

 1.2. Except as specifically stated on this site, the site Administration is not responsible for your use of information posted on the site, as well as for the content/use of messages sent or received by You.

 1.4. It is not allowed to send, use, copy, or place on this site defamatory, defamatory or offensive information, violating the right of personal integrity, as well as information that does not comply with moral and ethical standards. Users must not send any advertising or other materials or messages of excessive volume that may disrupt the operation of this site or prevent other visitors from using this site.

 1.5. The site administration reserves the right at any time and without notice to expand, modify, suspend or completely close the entire site or any part of it, as well as restrict or prohibit access to it.

 1.6. While this site may contain links to other Internet resources, the site Administration does not control such Internet resources. Links are provided only for the convenience of users and do not mean that the site Administration supports one or another party. The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by other sites, for the content of other Internet resources, as well as for the safety of actions performed when using these Internet resources. You are fully responsible for using these Internet resources.

 1.7. If you violate these terms and conditions, the site Administration may, at its sole discretion, suspend or block your access to this site and deny You the right to continue using it.

 2. Terms of registration on the Website " Russian club of aquarists»:

2.1. One individual can register on the site only once. The site administration reserves the right to delete duplicates of registered user data at any time and without notice. A duplicate means a complete match of the User's data specified in the required fields of the registration form (see clause 3.1), or a partial match that allows the site Administration to calculate the user's registration data as duplicated at its discretion.

 2.2. Personal information. When registering on the site, You may encounter a request for personal information about You. We may need information about You, such as your email address, your first name, your last name, your region, your city, address, and zip code, to enable us to provide you with information and answer your questions. Not all fields are required.

 2.3. Use of personal information. The site administration undertakes not to disclose information about you to third parties without your permission, except as provided by law, and to use this information for purposes and in ways prohibited by law.

 2.4. Privacy policy. The site administration respects the right of privacy of each visitor to our site.

 The site administration will not collect information about You without your consent.

 3. Terms of use of the Site " Russian club of aquarists»:

3.1. To register on this site, you must go to the "Registration" section and fill in the required fields of the registration form directly on the site. A link to confirm your registration will be sent to your email address.

 3.2. Username and password are unique. It is forbidden to transfer them to other persons for entering the site.

 3.3. If you have already registered on our site and forgot your username and password, you can use the service to restore them by clicking on the link "Forgot your password?" on the site authorization page or by contacting the site Administration via email at: webmaster@aquarists-club.ru