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The rules of the forum

The «Russian aquarists club» Internet resource is a private resource provided for public use. By registering on the Internet resource « Russian aquarists club » you become a full user of the resource. This also means that you agree to the rules set out below and agree to comply with them. If you do not agree with the rules, then stop registering on our site.

The site administration reserves the right to make changes to the rules in order to improve the atmosphere of communication between users of this resource.

If you think that some points of these rules are not perfect, you can send us an email to your email box webmaster@aquarists-club.ru or a personal message to the administration representatives. The administration will consider the feasibility and relevance of making changes to the rules.


The site and forum are dedicated to aquariums. On forum adopted:

- discuss issues related to the maintenance, breeding, treatment of fish and other aquarium and terrarium animals and plants;

- share experience in making homemade devices for the aquarium, improving industrial designs, and discuss proposed designs;

- discuss companies that produce and sell aquarium equipment and hydrobionts, but keep in mind paragraph 2.7. these Rules of the site;

- publish private ads about the search, purchase, sale, exchange of hydrobionts (fish, shellfish, crustaceans and other aquarium animals), plants, aquarium and other aquarium equipment. The publication of commercial offers from companies and entrepreneurs is made only after approval by the site Administration.


1. Generalities

1.1. The «Russian aquarists club» is a public place, so there are generally accepted norms of behavior in public places. Respect the rights and feelings of other users before writing, think about how other users will perceive Your speech. Also, do not forget that the site is subject to the laws of the Russian Federation.

1.2. The resource is moderated, the administration monitors the discussion and, if necessary, intervenes in its course. The basis for moderation is formal control over compliance with these rules, but the moderator's actions may go beyond formal control. Its task is to use its common sense and experience to ensure that all participants can effectively conduct the discussion.

1.3. If you do not agree with the actions of the moderator, with his assessment and reaction to the actions of users, understanding the tasks of the resource, etc., you can discuss this with him through personal correspondence. If you do not come to an understanding with him, you can inform the site Administration without the consent of the moderator, or leave the forum.

1.4. If you do not agree with the actions of the resource Administrator, his reaction to violations of the rules, understanding the tasks of the resource, etc., Then you should leave the resource, since there is no one to complain about the Administrator.

1.5. A theme created by a member is the property of the resource, not the one that created the theme. The Creator or visitor of a topic does not have the right to perform moderator functions in it and decide who and what can be done in it, except for the case when the Creator himself is the Moderator of this section.

1.6. User diaries are sections of the resource where the author is the moderator of their section.

1.7. The resource administration does not delete, at the request of participants, their accounts created by them on the forum, if these topics already have responses from other participants.

1.8. For non-compliance with these rules, the following penalties may be imposed:

•        Comment;

•        Warnings. After the third warning, you will be disconnected from the site for a month;

* Disconnection for a certain period determined by the forum Council;

* Disable permanently;

Making warnings and disconnections is decided collectively by resource moderators on the forum Board.

If you do not follow the recommendations consistently, you may be reprimanded.

If you ignore the recommendations for example, you get a warning.


2. The resource is prohibited:

2.1. Register with meaningless nicknames such as qwertyuiop, poiuyt, nicknames consisting of only numbers, use obscene words in the nickname, site addresses, email addresses, etc.

2.2. Register nicknames such as Admin, Moder, Main, etc. and nicknames that match or match the shape of already registered other users.

2.3. Creating clones (multiple accounts belonging to the same user), especially if you are restricted access to the site as a punishment (see section 1.8).

2.4. Disrespectful attitude to the interlocutor, slander of forum participants, as well as other people, insults, simple and obscene language.

2.5. Publishing ads (including hidden ads), advertising their sites, forums, offering paid services or publishing other types of advertising and commercial ads, etc .without prior approval from the site Administration, except for private ads in the "Buy, sell, change" section.

2.6. Distribution of false information, viruses (malicious programs, Trojans). Share links to lomasky, the numbers etc. A request to post these things is also punished as provoking a violation.

2.7. Publication of negative responses about aquarium products, services, sellers of aquarium products, services without specifying the facts or sources of information on which such an opinion is based.

2.8. «Cross-posting» - sending the same message simultaneously to different thematic sections. This clutters the forum, without giving You anything in return: the majority of users use the option to view all new messages and Your email will not go unnoticed, in whatever section you put it. If you don't get an answer, you probably don't have anything to say about your question.

2.9. «Flood» messages that take up large volumes and do not carry any useful information. Multiple posts of identical or slightly different messages, 2 or more messages in a row (use the «Edit» button). Posting that consists of emoticons or reflects only emotions, meaningless messages, off-topic messages, and other spam.

2.10. Deviate from the topic set by the author (the author of the topic is the participant who wrote the first message in the topic).

2.11. Use of excessively large fonts and bright colors in the message that interfere with reading. Red is the color of moderator messages, and it is forbidden to use it.

2.12. Excessive quoting. See clause 4.8 of these rules.

2.13. Creating materials that are not related to the topic of the section.

2.14. Plagiarism. If you need to post material that is located on another resource-a link to the original source is required.

2.15. Publishing flash clips in messages with scripts that cause automatic redirection to third-party sites.

2.16. Malicious distortion of the Russian language.

2.17. Insert images larger than 800 dots on the larger side into the text of messages and comments. Before inserting an image, reduce it to the required size in any image editor. If you want to upload an image in the true size – do it on a third-party specialized resource or on the file sharing page (link) of our site

2.18. Public discussion of the rules of the forum, the forum Administration or its actions related to the performance of its duties.

2.19. Publication of information, images that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as links leading to sites with such information, images.


3. Limited moderation of Diaries

3.1. Users ' diaries are both the site's territory and their personal space. In their Diary, each user has the right to delete unwanted comments, make comments to other users, etc.

3.2. Moderation of Diaries by site moderators is carried out in order to protect the author of the Diary and in his interests, and is aimed at suppressing rudeness, rudeness, swearing, illegal and annoying actions.

3.3. Based on this, the site moderators carry out moderation of Diaries in full. For gross violations of the rules made in the comments to the Diaries, the user can be punished in the same way as if this violation was made in the forum Or other section of the site.


4. Recommendations

4.1. Our site is aimed at the Russian-speaking audience and fully supports the Russian language.

4.2. If your nickname does not correspond to points 2.1, 2.2 of these rules, the administration has the right to ask you to change it to a more sane one, without a detailed explanation of the reasons. you will be notified of this via the built-in Personal message system. If there is no response to such a message within three days, your account will be blocked.

4.3. Before starting a new topic, use the site search, perhaps Your question has already been discussed.

4.4. If you want to start a new topic, think about how to title it so that you can understand its content or the essence of Your question from the title of the topic. Compose the title of your message so that it reflects the meaning of the message (requested), and not your emotions or opinions. Don't use monosyllabic headings like "save", "Help", " Need help!", "Question", "Help Me".

4.5. Place Your theme in the appropriate topic section. Your message may contain a link to a third-party resource, but it must be worded in such a way that it is possible to respond to You without following the link. If you want to give a link as an argument in the discussion, it is important that it leads to the desired page of the site and does not require registration to view it.

4.6. Do not write messages and topics in capital letters and do not abuse exclamation marks, this is usually perceived as a cry and may cause irritation to other users.

4.7. If you want to get an answer to the problem with your aquarium, try to answer the questions of the aquarium Questionnaire: link to the aquarium Questionnaire, button in the site menu!!!!

4.8. Quote the interlocutor minimally, only according to the meaning of Your answer. Or don't quote at all if Your message goes next. Multiple repetitions of the same thing, especially on the same page, are unnecessary and clog the forum.

4.9. Don't put images at the beginning of your messages, this makes it difficult to view summary pages.

4.10. Don't post questions about your problems in your Diaries. Diaries are a place where you can post your thoughts on certain issues, share information or photos with others, etc., etc.

Your Diary is a section of the resource where you are a moderator, but this does not mean that there you can not follow the rules of this resource.

4.11. Write, if possible, correctly, do not use any (youth, prison, professional, etc.) slang and newly invented words, do not distort the Russian language, this does not make You either wittier or "cooler", but only makes it difficult for others to perceive Your material, and causes reluctance to respond. Before sending the material, read it carefully again. Remember-the text editor for writing a message or comment has an automatic spell check – pay attention to the red wavy underscores of the words you have written.

4.12. Don't overload your messages with graphics. Remember that everyone has different access options to the global network. When inserting images, remember paragraph 2.17 of these Rules.

4.13. Messages of a personal nature, private discussions — of little use or useless for other users — are transferred to "private correspondence" or use email.

4.14 any complaints about the actions of moderators on the sections should be submitted to the address webmaster@aquarists-club.ru specifying the exact link to the violation message.


What to do if you are punished?

Study the rules again and decide if you agree with them. If Yes, then wait for the end of the sentence. If not, leave the forum. It is useless to write to the moderator and ask to remove the punishment. If you do write, it means that you have not read or agreed to these rules.



Everywhere above, the word Administration denotes a collegial site management body consisting of a team of moderators, a super-moderator, and a site Administrator. In case of any conflicts, problems, misunderstandings, etc. you can contact any of the moderators. It is desirable to do this through the system of private messages of this site.

If you can't find a common language with moderators, you can contact the owner of the resource. admin@aquarists-club.ru